Institute for Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE), Bhopal
An Autonomous Institute established by Govt. of M.P.(College with Potential for Excellence Status Conferred by UGC)
Profile of the Department
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Department : History
Department Established in 1995
Brief Profile of the Department      The History Department was formed in 1995 with the establishment of the institute with an aim of excellence. It provides undergraduate honours course, and post graduate course in modern history since 2014. Since its commencement, the department has always focused on new and progressive methods of studying, by organising educational field trips to UNESCO world heritage site, Bheembhetika, and other archaeological sites, also by inviting guest lecturers enriching students with latest research in History. Apart from this, the major limelite of History department is “The Heritage Walk” of Bhopal, organised for the students to be well aware about the culture and heritage of the capital. The department emphasizes on the study events of the past, which gives the students an understanding of how the world came to be, not only in our world but around the world including people of all cultures as well as nature. By learning about the causes and effects of events in history, people can learn better ways to deal with conflict among nations and individuals. Although human behavior is unpredictable at times, a better understanding through the study of history can provide valuable insight for our future generations.
Department List
S.No.NameDesignation Joining Date of IEHEEmailPhoto
1 DR CHANDA JAIN Professor HOD 19/09/2013
2 AJAY PRAKASH KHARE Asst. Professor 02/12/2019
3 DR MANJU SINGH Honorary 07/09/2015
4 DINESH KUMAR AHIRWAR Honorary 28/12/2018
5 MASARRAT MEHANDI Honorary 09/09/2018
Courses Offered Undergraduate
Facilities Provided by the Department
1 Student Museum, DLP, Laptop, Library of Department, Printing facility
2 Desktop, Previous Years Question papers, Notes of Reference Books
3 Internet Facilities to students, Maps of Ancient, Medieval and Modern History.
Achievements of the Department
1 Dr. Ranjana Sharma received a grant by UGC (INR 60,000) for MRP
2 All Faculties have collectively attended 80 National Seminars and Conferences, and 4 international conferences.
3 35 Research papers of the faculties have been published.
4 Dr. Ranjana Sharma has been 3 times State Higher Education championship Chess Runner-Up, 3 times State Higher Education Championship Table Tennis Winner, 3 times State Higher Education Championship Table Tennis Runner-Up.
5 Ms. Charvi Gupta has presented Research Papers in International Conferences held at Punjabi University, Patiala and organized by JAIR in Darjeeling.
6 Student’s team was runner-up in District Volleyball Championship 2015, and runner-up in Inter-college Volleyball Championship.
7 Student from Batch 2013-2016 was awarded as Best NCC Commander (air) 2015
8 Student from Batch 2012-2015 attended National NCC Camp in Bangalore (2014) as Deputy camp senior, 2014 air force attachment MPCG senior (drill commander).
Highlights of the Department
1 The Department has established Student Museum, with donation of artifacts from across the country.
2 The Department has been organizing workshops on personality development, Archaeology.
3 The Department has organized an exclusive 10 day workshop on Indian Culture; : Perspective to heritage and tourism (25th dec 2011- 2nd jan 2012).
4 Visiting guest lecturers of the department include, Dr. Rehman Ali ( on linguistics and temple architecture), Dr. Narayan Vyas ( Archaeology and museum) , Dr. Suresh Mishra ( on Documents of Medieval era) , Dr. Ajay P. Khare ( Modern India), Dr. Manisha Sharma ( Economic History) , Dr. Chandrashekhar Barua (Tourism Management)
5 The department regularly organizes Heritage walks for the students.
6 Apart from class-room lectures, virtual classes are also set up for the students.
7 The faculties of the Department initiated the commencement of UPSC classes and GK classes.
Future Plans of the Department
1 To introduce creative and innovative teaching methods by having a permanent smart class solely for the department.
2 We focus on expansion of Student History Museum.
3 We plan to introduce "e-library" for the students.
Research Activity & Achievement     
S.No.NameResearch PaperBooksMinor Research ProjectMajor Research ProjectPh.D. produced under the supervisionM.Phil. produced under the supervisionEdited BooksAttended Workshop/ ConferencesConducted Seminar/ Workshop As ConvenorAchievement
1 DR CHANDA JAIN 90 0 0 0 5 0 0 20 70
2 DR MANJU SINGH 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0


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