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Profile of the Department
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Department : Geography
Department Established in 2013
Brief Profile of the Department      Geography department is a new feather in IEHE, established in 2013. It provides UG honours course in Geography. Geography was introduced in the institutes academic programmes due to its popularity among student and compatibility for different competitive exams. Since beginning department was very much concerned about the syllabus of the subject that is should meet the global trends and modern requirements. Hence paper like Remote sensing GIS, Population Geography , Tourism Geography was introduced along with traditional papers. Remote sensing & GIS was included in the syllabus because in modern world Geographical knowledge is acquired by these modern techniques. It has an intensive application in different field like land use resource management, weather forecast, forestry etc. Population Geography is include to help students to understand the demographic pattern and other aspects of population. This will open a new field for students. Tourism Geography was started as tourism is becoming one of the biggest industry of the world so is the role and importance of tourism Geography. Tourism is essentially a Geographical phenomenon. Connection of Geography and travel can be traced to ancient times. Tourism Geography helps to understand the relationship between landscape & people, its economic & social dynamics. To create subjectivity and innovation approach in subject Department always experiments with new methods and techniques in teaching. In each semester department organise short visits and many activity to make students knowledgeable, organiser and good performer. Every year meeting with, Board of studies members is organised to keep the subject updated with modern requirement. Feedback from students and faculty are discussed and their views and ideas are included in the syllabus. We try our best to groom the student for upcoming competitive world. To enhance their creativity and personality many activities are organised like competition in map making and identification of places, Quiz, Poster, Competition exams are discussed in classroom. We also organise open house discussion recent beginning topics like climate change, Monsoon, prime ministers visits and visited countries etc. The Ultimate aim of the department is to make student well equipped with knowledge and practically fit to face the challenging world ahead.
Department List
S.No.NameDesignation Joining Date of IEHEEmailPhoto
1 DR.DEEPA JOHRI Professor HOD 07/07/2015
2 PINKI ASATI Honorary 19/12/2016
3 DR. SHAMEEM NAQVI Honorary 21/08/2018
4 SHIV PRASAD JAYSWAL Honorary 23/09/2019
5 POOJA RAIKWAR Computer Operator(Outsource Employee) 09/07/2018 POOJA.RAIKWAR1234@GMAIL.COM
Courses Offered Undergraduate
Facilities Provided by the Department
1 Well equipped lab
2 Self developed library
3 Guest Lecture by subject experts.
Achievements of the Department
1 In the first semester of the establishment of the department , Shri Ajay Kumar Singh from B.A 1st year (subsidiary) in the session 2013-14 secured 5th position in the merit list.
2 In the 2nd semester, session 2013-14 ,Shri Ajay Kumar Singh from B.A 1st year (subsidiary) again secured 3rd position in the merit list.
3 In the session of 2014-15, 3rd semester, Shri Pranav Naik (B.A II year) Geography Honours secured 2nd position in merit list , while Shri Ajay Kumar Singh (B.A II year Subsidiary) secured the 3rd position in the merit list.
4 In session 2014-15 Pranav Nayak Secured first position in B.A IInd year merit list and Anurag Suman stood first position in B.A. I-st Year merit list.
5 In the First Semester, Assignments were prepared by Students on Current environmental issues, guided by the faculty. In the second Semester the students themselves selected and prepared the assignments on current burning issues.
Highlights of the Department
1 Strength of student increased from3 to 135 in honours course in 5-year span.
2 Introduction of BSC(H) in Geography from 2018.
3 Started internship in IV sem.
4 Establishment of smart classroom, and new well equipped lab
5 Collaboration with other Departments and institutions for training and internship: -(i) Indian Meteorology Department Bhopal (ii) Mullana Azad Institute of technology Bhopal. (iii) Water and land Management Institute Bhopal. (iv) National centre for human settlements and environment. (v) Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal. (vi) Pollution Management Board, Bhopal.
6 Educational Tour organized- 2015-16- Narsinghgarh 2016-17- Jaipur Udaipur 2017-18-Shimla-Manali-manikran.
7 Formation of Mercator club for student's personality development, every day students give presentation and invite successful candidate for motivational lecture on GK and competitive exams, organize quiz, Debate etc. and share knowledge among themselves.
Future Plans of the Department
1 To start PG in Geography in coming year.
2 To start short term courses in remote sensing computer cartography, GIS, Tourism and disaster management.
3 Research to promote Green Fashion.
Research Activity & Achievement     
S.No.NameResearch PaperBooksMinor Research ProjectMajor Research ProjectPh.D. produced under the supervisionM.Phil. produced under the supervisionEdited BooksAttended Workshop/ ConferencesConducted Seminar/ Workshop As ConvenorAchievement
1 DR.DEEPA JOHRI 25 5 1 0 1 0 0 30 3
2 PINKI ASATI 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
3 SHIV PRASAD JAYSWAL 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


2. UGC NET JUNE 2019

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