Institute for Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE), Bhopal
An Autonomous Institute established by Govt. of M.P.(College with Potential for Excellence Status Conferred by UGC)
Profile of the Department
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Department : Biotechnology
Department Established in 2010
Brief Profile of the Department      The Department of Biotechnology was established in 2010 (Subsidiary course in Biotechnology started in 2005) with the aim to impart creativity, quest and concepts related to biotechnological skills. The Department of Biotechnology envisages an innovative approach towards the progress and expansion of knowledge of the students leading to skilled graduate/post graduate in the field of biotechnology.
Department List
S.No.NameDesignation Joining Date of IEHEEmailPhoto
1 DR. GEETA SAXENA Professor HOD 06/12/2012
2 DR SUCHITRA BANERJEE Professor HOD 18/06/2015
3 DR RANJANA VARMA Professor 19/03/2019
4 DR PRAMOD PATIL Professor 18/06/2015
5 DR AJAY KUMAR BHARDWAJ Professor 17/06/2015
6 DR.PRATIMA SHARMA Honorary 14/07/2014
7 DR SHUBHDA DIWAN Honorary 03/01/2018
8 SIMMY BALYAN Lab Technician Lab Technician 01/08/2017
9 ALKA SHARMA Lab Technician 07/07/2015
10 SOMAKSHI BATHAM Computer Operator(Outsource Employee) 01/07/2017
11 RAJINEESH MEHRA Lab Attendant(Outsource Employee) 01/07/2012
12 JYOTI KHARE Honorary 27/12/2010
Courses Offered Undergraduate, Postgraduate
Facilities Provided by the Department
1 Specific sophisticated instruments relating to Biotechnological techniques like PCR, Spectrophotometer, BOD incubator, projection microscope in addition to normal equipments are available with the department
2 Separate plant tissue culture room
3 Promotion of research and publication by motivating student participation in National seminars organized by the department.
4 Departmental Library
5 Additional facility like Green house, Mushroom culture room and Vermicomposting pit
6 Dissertation in PG classes ( duration-6 months) from renowned institute like AIIMS, BARC, CIAE, IISc., SFRI, TFRI, NII as per the performance of students.
7 Sponsored training programme in Bioinformatics for PG Classes (need based)
8 Sponsored training programme in Plant tissue culture for PG Classes (need based)
9 Sponsored training programme in Instrumentation for PG Classes (need based)
10 Excursion tours/ Field visit/ Industrial visit
Achievements of the Department
1 Organized Inter-college competitive biotechnology event sponsored by M.P. Biotech council in 2012-13.
2 Organized Workshop on Bonsai techniques in 2013-14.
3 Organized Inter-college competitive biotechnology event sponsored by M.P. Biotech council in 2014-15.
4 Organized Workshop on Dynamic approaches in Biotechnology in 2014-15.
5 Organized Workshop on Workshop and Hand’s on exercise on Instrumentation and techniques in Biotechnology sponsored by UGC in 2015-16.
6 Organized Workshop on Skill enhancement in Biotechnological techniques sponsored by UGC in 2015-16.
7 In Programs/events organized by MANIT/M.P. Biotechnology council/ Barkatullah University Students of Biotechnology ranked First/Second/Third position
8 Students of Biotechnology have cleared NET.
Highlights of the Department
1 Faculty as member of Board of Studies in Central Board of Studies, Autonomous colleges and universities.
2 Publication of chapter in books by faculty members.
3 Major and Minor projects undertaken by faculty members.
4 One faculty is recognized national trainer for Direct Trainer Skills and Mentoring skills from Department of personnel and Training, Government of India.
5 One faculty is Professional for DTS, TNA, DoT, EoT, Mentoring and facilitation.
6 Faculties are member in advisory/Editorial board of National/International Journals
7 One faculty as principal investigator for research project sanctioned to the department by Madhya Pradesh State Bamboo Mission
Future Plans of the Department
1 To develop dry lab for Bioinformatics
2 To develop department as Research centre
3 To start new short term courses in related area like bioethics and Genomics
4 Vermi-compost and Mushroom culture
5 To develop skill for process to Extract preparation of medicinal plants
6 To develop Tissue culture lab for plant sapling
7 To develop skill of Marketing and management of different products
8 Enrichment of Department library
9 To procure Latest laboratory equipments and laboratory aids for wet lab
10 To encourage faculty members to undertake more minor/major research projects.
11 To encourage students for research activities.
Research Activity & Achievement      The faculty has to its credit a number of articles and research work in various journals, newspapers, magazines and other important publications. The faculty members of the department have actively participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences.
S.No.NameResearch PaperBooksMinor Research ProjectMajor Research ProjectPh.D. produced under the supervisionM.Phil. produced under the supervisionEdited BooksAttended Workshop/ ConferencesConducted Seminar/ Workshop As ConvenorAchievement
1 DR. GEETA SAXENA 12 0 0 0 5 0 20 0
  • Fellow of National Journal of Life Science

2 DR SUCHITRA BANERJEE 25 1 3 0 6 0 30 2
3 DR PRAMOD PATIL 20 0 1 1 10 0 22 0
  • Fellowship award of International Society & Research Hunt

  • Fellowship award of Society of Life Sciences

4 DR AJAY KUMAR BHARDWAJ 23 1 0 0 2 0 37 2
  • Fellow of Mendelian Academy of Sciences (FMA)

  • Recognised trainer of DoPT, Govt. of India for Direct trainer skills

  • Recognised trainer of DoPT, Govt. of India for Mentoring

  • More than 75 expert lectures in various institutions

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