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उच्च शिक्षा उत्कृष्टता संस्थान, भोपाल
***** “Aaj ka Vakya” in Indian languages under “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” *****
आज का वाक्य : My favourite subjects are Psychology and Social Sciences Useful Links:
1) Dekho Apna Desh Webinar by Ministry of Tourism
पिछले वाक्य :  
2)Kshama Kare-9/6/2020
3)Pravesh Pratibandhit hai-10/6/2020
5)Apka Ashirvad hai-12/6/2020
6)Aapka Swagat Hai-13/6/2020
7)Apka Naam-14/6/2020
10)Mere Pitaji Ka Naam-17/6/2020
11)Aap Kitne Bhai Behen Ho-18/6/2020
12)Hum 2 Bhai 1 Behen hai-19/6/2020
13)Aapke Pitaji Kya Karte Hain-20/6/2020
14)Tum Kis School me-21/6/2020
15)Mai Sardar Patel School me-22/6/2020
16)Tum Kis Kaksha me Padhti ho-23/6/2020
17)Mai Panchvi kaksha Me padhti Hu-24/6/2020
18)Mere Pitaji Kheti karte Hain-25/6/2020
19)Tumhari Kaksha Adhyapika Ka Naam-26/6/2020
20)Meri Kaksha Adhyapika Ka Naam-27/6/2020
21)Tumhari Kaksha Me Kitne Chhatra-28/6/2020
22)Tumhe Kaun Kaun se Vishay-29/6/2020
23)Tumhe Kaun Kaun Se Khel Sikhaye Jate Hai-30/6/2020
24)Kya Tum Sab Milkar -1/7/2020
25)Kya Tumhare School Me Swachh Shauchalay Hai-2/7/2020
26)Mai Roz Manjan Karta Hu-3/7/2020
27)Mai Nahakar-4/7/2020
28)Dekho Mere Nakhoon Kate Hue Hai-5/7/2020
29)Mai Bado Ko Pranam-6/7/2020
30)Mai Hath Dhokar-7/7/2020
31)Mere Ghar Me Ek Shauchalay-8/7/2020
32)Ghar Ke Sabhi Log-9/7/2020
33)Meri Maa Achha Bhojan-10/7/2020
34)Mai Ghar Ke Kaamo Me-11/7/2020
35)Mere Pita Ravivar Ko Baghbani-12/7/2020
36)Aaj Garmi Bohot Hai-13/7/2020
37)Varsha Ho Rahi Hai-14/7/2020
38)Hamare Yahan Ausatan 40 Inch Varsha-15/7/2020
39)Aapke Yahan Kitni Varsha-16/7/2020
40)Kya Aapke Yahan Thand Zyada Hoti Ha-17/7/2020
41)Kya Tumhare Muhalle Me-18/7/2020
42)Kya Tumhare Shehar Me Khel Ka Maidan-19/7/2020
43)Hum Sab Bachche Sath Me-20/7/2020
44)Mai Sadak Par Hamesha Bayen-21/7/2020
45)Mai Cycle Se Vidhyalay-22/7/2020
46)Railway Stataion Kitni Door Hai-23/7/2020
47)Ye Sadak Kahan Jati Hai-24/7/2020
48)Sarvjanik Shauchalay Kahan Hai-25/7/2020
49)Mahatma Gandhi Marg Jane Ka -26/7/2020
50)Kya Nazdik Me Koi Dawakhana Hai-27/7/2020
51)Kripya Footpath Par Chalein-28/7/2020
52)Chalo Bagiche Me Ghumne Chalte Hain-29/7/2020
53)Aas Paas Achha Restaurant Kahan-30/7/2020
54)Pramukh Bazar Kahan Ha-31/7/2020
55)Kripya Kachra Sadak Par Na Phenke-1/8/2020
56)A letter has come from my office-16/12/2020
57)An article has been prepared on this activity-17/12/2020
58)Are you allergic to any food-18/12/2020
59)Can you please help me-19/12/2020
60)Can you tell us about tomorrow's meeting-20/12/2020
61)Classes could not be held today due to rain-21/12/2020
62)Congratulations for your selection to the college hockey team-22/12/2020
63)Do shops here accept online payment-23/12/2020
64)Do you exercise every day-24/12/2020
65)Do you live close by-25/12/2020
66)Do you take a healthy diet every day-26/12/2020
67)Food of our canteen is delicious-27/12/2020
68)Give information to all departments-28/12/2020
69)Give me the file-29/12/2020
70)How are you-30/12/2020
71)How can I reaceh the neraest hospital-31/12/2020
72)How many people will attend the meeting-1/11/2020
73)How much does this fruit cost-2/11/2020
74)I always keep my surroundings clean.-3/11/2020
75)I am felling hungry-4/11/2020
76)I am good thank you-5/11/2020
77)I am nativ of rajashthan-6/11/2020
78)I eat 3 times a day-7/11/2020
79)I get very good tea in front of my office-8/11/2020
80)I go to the office by bus-9/11/2020
81)I have a lot of work to do today-10/11/2020
82)I have complete knowledge about office activities-11/11/2020
83)I have my own business-12/11/2020
84)I have some difficulty in understanding Hindi-13/11/2020
85)I have to get to the office early today-14/11/2020
86)I like to go for a run in the morning-15/11/2020
87)I like trying new varieties of food-16/11/2020
88)I live in a nearby hostel-17/11/2020
89)I returned to my house after the exam-18/11/2020
90)I want to do PhD in science-19/11/2020
91)I want to go to the library-20/11/2020
92)I would like to go sightseeing-21/11/2020
93)Information has reached local offices-22/11/2020
94)Is it safe to eat at the roadside eateries-23/11/2020
95)Is it safe to go out at night-24/11/2020
96)Is the bus service in this town regular-25/11/2020
97)Is there a festival today-26/11/2020
98)Is there an ATM machin nearby-27/11/2020
99)It is important to include fruits and vevetable in your diet-28/11/2020
100)It is Seven-Thirty in the evening-29/11/2020
101)It takes me an hour to reach my office-30/11/2020
102)List of all participants is ready-31/11/2020
103)Lunch time is 1 o'clock-1/10/2020
104)may i help you-2/10/2020
105)May i sit here-3/10/2020
106)My colleagues are very disciplined-4/10/2020
107)My favourite subjects are Psychology and Social Sciences-5/10/2020
108)My home is far away from my office-6/10/2020
109)My leave application has been accepted-7/10/2020
110)My Sincere apologies-8/10/2020
111)Our college musical group is the best-9/10/2020
112)Please carry an umbrella it may rain today.-10/10/2020
113)Please let me know if you need something-11/10/2020
114)Please send a reply to my query urgently-12/10/2020
115)Please take good care of yourself-13/10/2020
116)Please turn off the Light-14/10/2020
117)Please wear warm clothes in the evening-15/10/2020
118)pleased to meet you-16/10/2020
119)Poha is my favourite dish-17/10/2020
120)The hostel does not have a good bookstore-18/10/2020
121)The library is far from the main gate of the college-19/10/2020
122)There is going to be a meeting in my office tomorrow-20/10/2020
123)This noval is very exciting-21/10/2020
124)This year annual celebration of the college has been cancelled-22/10/2020
125)We can go to a hill station together after exams-23/10/2020
126)We can meet for group studies before the exam-24/10/2020
127)What are your favourite subjects-25/10/2020
128)What is the most popular sport in this place-26/10/2020
129)What is the usual winter temperature here-27/10/2020
130)What is your name-28/10/2020
131)What subjects are you graduating in-1/9/2020
132)what time do the markets open in the morning-2/9/2020
133)What time it is-3/9/2020
134)what work do you do-4/9/2020
135)Where are you from-5/9/2020
136)Where can I buy a tourist map-6/9/2020
137)Where can i buy vegetable from-7/9/2020
138)Where is the nearest grocery Shop-8/9/2020
139)Which Indian state do you belong to-9/9/2020
140)Will you help me fill this form-10/9/2020
141)Wish you a very happy birthday-11/9/2020
142)Would you like to have some water-12/9/2020
143)Would you like to take some rest-13/9/2020
144)You are a good player-14/9/2020
145)You are very kind-15/9/2020
146)इस खेल के मैदान में भीड़ भाड है-16/9/2020
147)उनका जन्म कहा हुआ था-17/9/2020
148)ऐवरेस्ट विश्व की सबसे ऊँची छोटी है-18/9/2020
149)क्या नगर में कोई प्रिसिद्ध खिलाडी रहता है-19/9/2020
150)क्या शाम को हम नाटक देखने चेलें-20/9/2020
151)क्या हमारे शहर में सर्कस आया है-21/9/2020
152)गाँव के तालाब का पानी साफ है-22/9/2020
153)गाँव बहुत साफ है-23/9/2020
154)चलो मैदान में खेलने चले-24/9/2020
155)टेक्सी कहा से मिलेगी-25/9/2020
156)तुम कोनसा खेल खेलते हो-26/9/2020
157)तुमने कोनसी पिक्चर्स देखने चले-27/9/2020
158)थिएटर कितनी दूर है-28/9/2020
159)देश की छः बड़ी नदिया ये है-29/9/2020
160)देश की राजधानी का नाम क्या है-30/9/2020
161)प्रांत के मुख्यमंत्री का नाम क्या है-1/5/2020
162)बंकिमचंद्र चट्टोपाध्याय का लिखा वन्दे मातरम राष्ट्रगीत है-2/5/2020
163)महात्मा गाँधी का जन्म पोरबंदर गुजरात में हुआ था-3/5/2020
164)मुझे फुटबॉल देखना और खेलना पसंद है-4/5/2020
165)में बैडमिंटन खेलती हूँ-5/5/2020
166)मेट्रो स्टेशन किधर है-6/5/2020
167)यह नगर किन वस्तुओं के लिए प्रशिद्ध है-7/5/2020
168)यहाँ का लेखक कोन है-8/5/2020
169)यहाँ की प्रमुख फसलें कौनसी है-9/5/2020
170)रवीन्द्रनाथ टैगोर का लिखा जन-गण -मन राष्ट्रगान है-10/5/2020
171)राजधानी की जनसंख्या कितनी है-11/5/2020
172)शहर बहुत अच्छा है-12/5/2020
173)शहर में प्रदुषण बहुत है-13/5/2020
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