Placement Cell came into existence in the year 2002. The cell has been constantly endeavoring to provide the students a plethora of opportunities that would lead to new insights, fresh perspectives, exploration and dynamic attitudes. The cell remains committed to its mission of setting benchmark of professional excellence through the pursuit of perfection and fresh ideas for the promising future of the students. The following are the salient features of the functioning of the cell:-
  • 1. It organizes regular workshops, seminars, field visits, industrial trainings, so that we can prepare our students to face the outer competitive world.
  • 2. It also helps students enhance their communication skills (Oral and Written), computer skills, group discussion techniques, mock personal interviews and confidence building through special lectures.
  • 3. Placement cell encourages students to be a part of placement committee by assigning them various responsibilities depending on their capabilities so that they can get real life experiences.

Convener : Dr. Kalpana Malik  Contact No. : 9826162894  Email :

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Placement Statistics

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Placement Cell Profile

Brief Profile of the Cell
Placement Cell was established in 2002. The cell of this college provides guidance and all the assistance for the students in order to achieve their career goals. This cell continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment-seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment.At present, the competition for employment is increasing every day and placement has become a challenging task. Training of students and equipping them with life skills has become an important responsibility of the institution. Along with technical expertise, development of a holistic personality is also necessary. To meet out these requirements, a fully fledged placement cell is operating in our college to enhance the capabilities of graduates and post graduates on par with the industry standards.

Facilities Provided by the Cell

1 Placement Cell also helps students in improving their communication skills (oral and written), computer skills, group discussions techniques, mock interviews, and confidence building through special lectures.
2 District level career fair is organized and managed by placement cell every year since 2015.
3 Subject specific workshops and seminars are conducted regularly that helps the students sharpen their skills.
4 30 days training programs are conducted by placement cell for the students.
5 Field visits, Industrial visits and excursion tours are planned for students so they can explore their knowledge about the outer world.
6 Industrial trainings are organized so that the students get the practical exposure.

Achievements of the Cell

S/N No. of Selected Student Name of Company Package/Domain Year
1 150 TCS 14000K/KPO 2015
2 39 Infosys 16000K 2015
3 13 TCS 2.0 L/P.A. 2015
4 3 ZENSAR 2.0 L/P.A. 2015
5 14 WIPRO 2.0 L/P.A. 2015
6 23 AON 2.10 L/P.A. 2016
7 1 GODREJ 2.5 L/P.A. 2016
8 56 TCS 2.10 L/P.A. 2016
9 3 JARO EDUCATION 6.5 L/ P.A. 2016
10 2 PIBM 16000K/M+ 2016
1 2 AMAZON 16000K / P.A. 2016
12 6 L & T 3.25 L /P.A. 2016
13 76 CONCENTRIX 12000K / M 2017
14 2 NETLINK 13k for 3 months 2017
15 5 L & T 3.25 L/p.a. 2017
16 29 Dynamic Money Research 1.56/ P.A. 2017
17 39 CapVision Investment 2.68/P.A. 2017
18 35 BBB Manpower Group 2.53-3.00/P.A. 2017
19 27 Ripples Advisory 2.68/P.A. 2017
20 14 Hinduja Global Solutions 1.26/P.A. 2017
21 2 RIPLES 12000K / M 2018
22 7.00 B B M MANPOWER 23500 barodara 2018
23 28 P & P Infotech 16000/MONTH 2018
24 9 SPA 1.8 Lack/YEAR 2018
25 2 KYK 1.80+ TA 2018
26 3 Criscent 10000 for Training Period (6 Month) then 20000 per Month 2018
27 22 SAGAR GROUP 3 Lac Per Annum 2018
28 12 CEIN sys. 9000 2018
29 6 Magnam Group 12000 2018
30 12 HGS 12000 2018
31 40 IFBI Graduation Trainies 2018
32 6 Altratech 3.25 L/p.a. 2018
33 1 NETLINK 16500k/m 2018
34 1 NESTLE 6.5 L/P.A. 2018
35 6 ICICI PRUDENTIAL 14000k/m 2018
36 3 LUPIN 1.84L/PA 2018
37 1 CAPGEMINI 1.8 2018
38 1 AMAZON 16000K / M 2018
39 4 DELOITTE   2018
40 2 VEGATVA 1000K/M 2018
41 1 GYANGANGA ACADEMY 25000K/M 2018

Highlights of the Cell

1 Workshop on Communication Skill And Leadership, organized by Placement Cell on 11/01/18 by Mrs. Fatima Abbas,HOD, Communication,PIBM.
2 Workshop on personality development in collaboration with DIYA ( GayatriPariwar), on 10/08/2017 organized by Placement Cell.
3 Seminar on GST was conducted by ICFAI University, on 31/08/2017, organized by Placement Cell.
4 Seminar on "Digital India, Make in India & Start Up India", organized by Placement Cell on 01/09/17, by honorable MAP Shri. Alok Sanjar.
5 Motivational Seminar entitled “How to find Talent in yourself" by Gautam Surana, Endeavour organized by Placement Cell on 19/09/17.
6 Seminar on "Goal Setting" by Mr.Shashwat Siddhanth organized by Placement Cell on 21/09/17.
7 Seminar on "Best College For Further Studies"held organized by Placement Cell on 06/10/17 by Dr. Abhishek Tripathi (SISTECH)
8 Session on stock market organized by Placement Cell on 12/01/18 by Shubham Chourey (ICICI Bank Services).
9 Study Abroad seminar by Mr.Vishal Dixit organized by Placement Cell on 16/01/18
10 Seminar on Union Budget 2018 organized by Placement Cell by Shatabdi Daas (IIM Mumbai) on 05/02/18.
11 Scholarship test conducted by Career Quest on 23/03/2018.
12 Workshop on “Team Building” conducted by Dr. Sangeeta Jauhri (Dean Dept. of Mgt RNTU), Dr Deepti maheshwari (Dean Dept. of Comm. RNTU) on 25/07/2019.
13 Session on Drug Abuse Women Safety and Traffic Rules was conducted by Shree Sampat Upadhyay (SP), Shree Bhupendra Singh (CSP) on date: 6/8/19.
14 Session on information regarding by Vaibhav Parashar (State agency for public relations) on date: 7/8/19.
15 Training on photography and fashion illustration by Jeevan jyoti Education and Welfare Society from 3/9/19 to 3/10/19.
16 Training on Short Tricks for cracking competitive exams by Jeevan jyoti Education and Welfare Society from 3/9/19 to 3/10/19.
17 Training on Basic Skills in Science Laboratory Techniques by Jeevan jyoti Education and Welfare Society from 3/9/19 to 3/10/19.
18 Training on Forensic biological and serological tool in crime investigation by Jeevan jyoti Education and Welfare Society from 21/9/19 to21/10/19.
19 Training on Extraction of Natural Oils by Jeevan jyoti Education and Welfare Society from 15/9/19 to 15/10/19.
20 Seminar on “Ab Samjhota nahi” in collaboration with ITC Vivel conducted by Niharika Singh on date: 20/9/19.
21 Quiz Competition conducted by Jaipuria Institute Indore date: 30/9/19.
22 Training on Personality Development and Video Resume was conducted on date: 21/9/19 to 21/10-19 by Jeevan jyoti Education and Welfare Society.

Future Plans of the Cell

1 Placement cell is planning national level career fair for upcoming years.
2 Placement cell is planning to join hands with international organizations to invite them in our institute to guide and train students so that they can meet the requirements as per international standards.

S.No.NameDesignation Joining Date of IEHEEmailPhoto
1 DR KALPANA MALIK Associate Professor Cell Incharge 04.03.2004
2 PRIYANKA RAO Computer Operator(Outsource Employee) 12/10/2021

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