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Institute for Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE), Bhopal
An Autonomous Institute established by Govt. of M.P.(College with Potential for Excellence Status Conferred by UGC)
Continuously Re-accredited by NAAC as 'A' Graded Institute in the Third Cycle.
Cluster Notifications

रिपोर्ट : क्लस्टर योजनान्तर्गत कार्यशाला का आयोजन 2019-20


Report on “Lab and Web”  Workshop 


Cluster activity 2016-17


Cluster Meeting 21/06/2017


List for Teacher Exchange Activity 2017-18


Report of Govt. Madhav Science P.G. College Ujjain


टीचिंग एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम हेतु रिसोर्स पर्सन की जानकारी : Pt. S.N.S. Govt. P.G. College Shahdol


टीचिंग एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम हेतु रिसोर्स पर्सन की जानकारी : Govt Adarsh Science College Jabalpur


टीचिंग एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम हेतु रिसोर्स पर्सन की जानकारी : Govt.Madhav Science P.G.College Ujjain


टीचिंग एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम हेतु रिसोर्स पर्सन की जानकारी : Govt Narmada PG College , Hoshangabad


टीचिंग एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम हेतु रिसोर्स पर्सन की जानकारी : Govt Maharaja College, Chhatarpur


टीचिंग एक्सचेंज प्रोग्राम हेतु रिसोर्स पर्सन की जानकारी : Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore


कार्यशाला दिनाँक 23/09/2016 का कार्यवाही विवरण 


सलाहकार समिति की बैठक


List of Participants


Information of Cluster Scheme (CEQIC) Incharge


An Internship Programme for Science Students at Govt. Holkar Science College,Indore from 22 to 27 June 2015


संकुल प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम संबंधी जानकारी


Commerce (One Week Traning Programme)


Schedule for Faculty Exchange Programe


Letter for workshop at Holkar College on date 27/09/2014


Letter of Holkar College for workshop


Good Governance for Quality Higher Education


शा.होलकर विज्ञान महाविद्यालय में प्रथम परिचयात्मक कार्यशाला के आयोजन की रिपोर्ट


Minutes of Advisory Committee First Meeting


Constitution of Advisory and Executive Committee


Government Order

About Cluster

Cluster for Enhancing Quality through Innovation and Collaboration (CEQUIC):

For Quality enhancement of Higher Education through promotion of collaborative endeavor between select colleges on MP and premier National & International institutions, a ‘Cluster' of 12 colleges have been constituted. Through Innovation, Internationalization and Inclusiveness the plan envisages the enhancement of Faculty experience and expertise, collaborative sharing of organizational, infrastructural, technological and financial resources among the colleges of the State to bring them at per with the global standards of Higher Education. It also aims at the propagation of National pride though the dissemination of its rich cultural heritage towards ideal citizenship for National Development.

Key Objectives of (CEQUIC) :

  • To bring about quality enhancement in participating Institutions of Higher Education.
  • To collaboratively and optimal share the academic, organizational, infrastructural and technological resources among cluster colleges for the fulfillment of its objectives.
  • To enhance faculty experience by making available National/ International/ Global opportunities in the realms of academics, culture and technology.
  • To promote research among the members of "cluster" on areas relevant to social needs and initiate society and industry interaction.
  • To make research a catalyst of innovative teaching and introduction of new courses related to identified thrust areas..
  • To have linkages with research organizations to support research within "cluster".
  • To enhance infrastructural facilities.
  • To search for generic areas of research.

Vision with a Mission:

        CEQIC envision a society of empowered minds endowed with lifelong opportunities through teaching and innovative research to espouse and ensure a consistent and sustained regional development as a fillip to National growth and development. This will be achieved through:

  • Convergence of students, staff and society for the generation of knowledge with learning as the core activity.
  • Development itself as a Regional center with international focus responsive to the personal and professional enrichment of faculty and students, local and regional need, National responsibilities and global opportunities.
  • Collaboration with all its stakeholders for the realization of all their expectation.
  • Work with an organizational spirit of creativity, adaptability and flexibility.
  • Empowering Higher Education as a catalyst of social change.


Five Strategic Pillars of CEQUIC


  •   Learning and Teaching
  •   Collaboration and Alliances
  •   Research Development and Innovation
  •   Student and Community Engagement
  •   Internationalization


Collaborative Endeavors among Cluster Colleges

  • Development of curriculum
  • Innovation in pedagogy, learning and evaluation methodologies
  • Organizing training programmes / workshop / seminars
  • Symbiotic tie up with National and International Institutions and Universities for Research , Exchange &Mentoring programmes
  • Mutual sharing of physical infrastructure (Labs, Library, Equipment's, Faculties etc.)
  • Availing various schemes of UGC, MHRD, ICCR(Indian Council for Cultural Relations), DST and other such agencies


Promotion of research through following activities

  • Motivate faculty to undertake research projects
  • Encourage publication of research papers by faculty in referred National and International research Journals
  • Sharing mutual expertise to guide M.Phil./ Ph.D. scholars
  • Develop & upgrade Institutional departments as research Center
  • Publication of discipline specific/ multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Research Journals
  • Conduction of inter-disciplinary certificate and diploma projects
  • Undertake collaborative Inter-disciplinary Research & Survey Projects
  • Conduct survey based Research focused on the various socio-economic policies/ schemes of state Govt. & other agencies
  • Acquire consultancy projects from agencies


Other activities to be done:

  • Invite experts from National & International institutions to deliver talk/lecture series to benefit students and faculty
  • Arrange faculty and student development program in collaboration with state and National level institution
  • Identify potential institution of national level for sharing of resources, conduction of courses & undertaking of exchange programm
  • Identify potential industries for conduction of industry relevant Vocational Courses and secure lucrative placement for students
  • Visit of potential institutions by the heads of the participating Institutions/Faculty of the concerned discipline/Member of Executive and Advisory Committee/ Representative of the State Government
  • Forging of MOUs with National and International organizations and bodies with due approval of the state Government


Activities done in past two years under Cluster scheme in IEHE Bhopal 


  1.       Work shop organized in Commerce Department on 23-28 Feb.2015 (24 faculty members participated in it)
  2.       Student training organized at BSNL, Bhopal, from 11 to 25 June 2015(29 students participated in it)
  3.       Workshop organized by Chemistry Dept. of IEHE, jointly with Govt. Sarojini Naidu Girls College, Bhopal, (5-10, Oct.2015), 12 Faculty & 16 students participated
  4.       Student exchange programm organized by Department of commerce with PIBM (Pune Institute of Business Management) Pune, (5-13 March 2016), (03 faculty & 32 students participated)


MOUs signed by IEHE, Bhopal

Ø  Chemistry Department of the Institute has signed MOU with:

  • Central University Sagar, (M.P.) on 14-07-2015.
  • Pinnacle Biomedical Research Institute (PBRI), Bhopal (M.P.) on 25-05 2016.

Ø  Department of  Biotechnology, IEHE, has signed MOU with MP State Bamboo Mission, Govt. of M.P., Bhopal on  20-11-2015

Ø  Vocational Cell, IEHE, Bhopal has signed MOU with Center for Research and Industrial Staff Performance(CRISP), Bhopal for Skill development, on 31-03-2015


Department of Physics & Electronics has signed MOU with:


  •  St. Aloysius College (Auto.), Jabalpur, (M.P.) for exchange of academic & research activities, on 26-10-2015.
  •  Sagar Institute of Research and Technology (SIRT), Bhopal for exchange of academic & research activities, on 20-11-2015.
  •  Vocational Cell of IEHE, has signed MOU with:
  •  Federation of Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FMPCCI), Bhopal for skill development and Placement. On 18-11-2015.




Department of Geography, IEHE has signed MOU with:

  • National Center for Human Settlements and Environment (NCHSE), Bhopal for GIS Application on 10-08-2016

Student &Faculty Training Participation under CEQUIC

Ø  Participation in training course "Substance of Abuse: Pre and Postnatal Exposure; Pharmacological Effects and Analytical Methods of Detection" from   5th to 11th  September, 2016. organized by Central University, Sagar, (M.P.)(04-Faculty &13 students participated in it)

Ø  Students of IEHE participated in Cultural event organized at IIM, Indore, (M.P)




                Established in the year 1995, Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal is an ‘A' Graded State level Academy envisioned by the Government of MP as a center for academic excellence. The Institute has successfully played a model role in transforming student into potential human resource of quality, which has made it a vibrant center of holistic development. The exemplary progress and growth was crowned with fortuitous Accreditation by ‘NAAC' in ‘A Grade' in 2004 and Re-accreditation in highest ‘A Grade' in January 2011 and the prestigious conferment of ‘College with Potential for Excellence (CPE)' status by the ‘UGC' in 2010. The Institute has embarked on the second Phase of CPE Status Spanning between 2015 & 2019.



  • The scheme has a stipulated tenure of 6 year divided into three phases of two year each.
  • First Phase - Will facilitate collaborative efforts among the members of the cluster and establish linkages with some reputed National organization particularly located in the state.
  • Second phase - Will aim at establishing linkages with national Institutes located out of the State.
  • Third Phase - Will boost the efforts enabling the members to have linkages with International organization and domain experts.


Levels of Governance:

1.      The state government: Granting of all necessary financial sanction, approval of budget, fund and review all the activities and give all the necessary directions.

2.      The nodal Center: Coordinating between the State Government and the member Institutions, to initiate all necessary steps to ensure smooth functioning of the approved activities within to the cluster. The State Government as the Nodal center recognizes the Institute for excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal and its Director will act the capacity of Nodal officer for the cluster.

3.       The Member Institutions: Overseeing of all financial and administrative sanction at Institutional level; suggesting plans and policies to the Nodal Center for the success of the programme, implementing the plans and activities as suggested by the State Government, Advisory Committee and the Nodal Center. 

CEQIC Member:


Name if the Institution




Institute for excellence in Higher Education


Nodal Centre


Holkar Science College




T.R.S. College




Adarsh Science College




Govt. Girls College




Maharaja College




Jijabai Govt. PG College




Kamlaraje Girls College




Govt. Sarojini Naidu Girls College




Govt. Madhav Science College




Govt. Narmada College




Govt. PG College