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Institute for Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE), Bhopal
An Autonomous Institute established by Govt. of M.P.(College with Potential for Excellence Status Conferred by UGC)
Continuously Re-accredited by NAAC as 'A' Graded Institute in the Third Cycle.

List of Department

BBA department marked its presence in the year 2022 with the vision of developing students holistically regardless of the stream( Commerce, Science, Arts) they belong to. BBA degree  is a four-year professional course that focuses upon instilling a deep knowledge of Business and Management in a student's mind, leveling up their understanding with each year and making them ready for the competitive future lying ahead.Currently, the department is ditching the conventional approach of making students learn as it is adopting new methods of teaching (including activities such as debates, group discussions, quizzes,live projects,role plays) to improve student's understanding not only theoretically but also practically. The department currently consists of two guest faculties and other research scholars who along with their HOD are continuously looking for new ways to improve the personality of students that can further help them with any career path they are willing to choose. BBA is designed for the students willing (but not limited ) to join MBA programme in future and thus we focus upon honing their management, communication and accounting skills , making them an all rounder in whatever they pursue.


B.P.E.S. (Bachelor of Physical Education) This is an undergraduate level academic program. Technically, it is a Bachelor's Degree course. Students who have passed 12th class are eligible to pursue this course.


The Department of Biotechnology was established in 2010 (Subsidiary course in Biotechnology started in 2005) with the aim to impart creativity, quest and concepts related to biotechnological skills. The Department of Biotechnology envisages an innovative approach towards the progress and expansion of knowledge of the students leading to skilled graduate/post graduate in the field of biotechnology.


Chemical sector of India is one of the major industries in the Indian economy. Chemical sciences (Chemistry) offer access to a wide range of careers. Chemistry is the study of substances, their makeup and applications. In fact it is the study of all materials and is vital to every aspect of our lives. Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical chemistry and Biochemistry are the main branches of chemistry. The career options in chemistry are practically endless! However, employment options depend on how far the education, training and experience taken. Especially master’s and Ph.D. degree provides immense career opportunities in industries, research and teaching fields. A chemistry or biochemistry degree can lead to career paths in professions such as medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, chemical engineering, forensic science, etc.


The Department was established in 1995 and it has existed as a `RESEARCH CENTRE leading to Ph.D. degrees in current year. In the undergraduate programme, the first batch graduated in 1998 and Postgraduate programme the first batch get master degree in 2014.The Department currently has sixteen faculty members, including nine guest faculties. Faculty research interest spans a wide range: from abstract theory to down-to-earth problems of immediate interest to industry. Current areas of research can be broadly classified into the following categories: Accounting; Marketing and Social Responsibility along with service marketing. The Department offers B.Com (H) in Accounts, B.Com (H) in Management and M.Com. Ph.D programme will soon start. The B.Com (H). Programme is designed for students who have join CA, CS and ICWA or possess equivalent background. Students have a lot of flexibility in choosing courses. All PG students receive assistantship from the department. With a view to attracting excellent students in PG programmes, the Department has established, with industry visit.The Department has close interaction with a number of industries To make effective use of the expertise of the Department in the area of Accounting and Management.


Ever since its inception in 2000, the Department of Computer Science in Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal, has been progressing towards excellence in the field of teaching. With a team of dedicated, experienced and qualified faculty members, the department has witnessed tremendous growth in academics. The department is progressing towards setting up of Post Graduate courses in Cyber Security, Mobile Applications. The Department of Computer Science envisages an innovative approach towards the progress and expansion of the students leading the institute towards greater heights.


The Department was established in 1995 to serve as a centre for excellence in higher education for the enhancement of various analytical and critical thinking skills through innovative state of the art approach and holistic grooming of the students to meet the challenges of the modern world. Department offers B.A. Economics Honours with Management & Non- Management and M.A. The Department adopted the semester system from the very beginning and contributes to achieve the following objectives: • To impart quality education in Economics and some domains of Management. • To generate awareness and interest in the purview of Economics and Management. • To ensure overall personality development of the students. • To cope with academic and employability needs. • To develop analytical and critical thinking of students.


The department of English established in 1995 offers UG and PG programmes in English Language and Literature. The department currently has twelve full time faculty members. The faculty of the department contribute to research related activities by publishing several research papers in reputed journals. The faculty members of the department participate in the NPTEL FDP SWAYAM programmes by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India on regular bases. The department encourages teaching staff mobility with different Institutes and Universities to promote research activities by  way of organizing seminars, workshops and guest lectures. As per the New Education Policy, 2020, the department revises its syllabi to fine tune its methods and practices and reinforces its capability in ICT supported teaching-learning activities. The research centre of the department approved in 2018 augmented research activities in diverse areas of English literary studies. The department takes pride on having a pool of extremely talented and creative students whose overall performance has been of a high standard. Various competitions like (quiz, poetry writing, poster making etc.) are being organized by the department to enhance and encourage the creativity and personality of the students. The department has its literary society by the name LUMIERE to improve literary associations aimed to reinforce values and strengthen Indian literary tradition and culture.





The fashion design programme seeks to be a fundamental resource to the community in soft good design and manufacture by educating individuals for employment, retraining or entrepreneurship by contributing to the institution’s role in introducing and inspiring the student to challenge, commitment and endurance.The fashion design programme mission is to provide basic training in soft goods production and fashion design, including the technical skills required for job entry and retraining for the garment industry and upgrading of garment construction, pattern making and current market skills for individuals and entrepreneurs. Enriching their skills through rich cultural heritage of India.


“Food Science and Quality Control” has been started in the session of 2002-2003 as a subsidiary subject with Chemistry Honours. It is first level degree course approved by UGC- New Delhi. IEHE is the only institute in M.P. offering this subject. Food Science and Quality Control is concerned with various aspects of food beginning with the various components of food and ending with aspects related to consumption such as menu planning and balance diets


The Department of Forensic Science was established in the year of 2018 at IEHE, Bhopal with the aim to develop it as a major teaching department in Madhya Pradesh and to help the criminal justice system to over­come the shortage of skilled man­power engaged in this very particular field. This department is currently involved in teaching of Forensic Science at the undergraduate level leading to B.Sc. in forensic science (honours/ Subsidiary).
Forensic Science is the scientific observation, examination and analysis of materials of crime, scene of crime, victim or accuse etc. for the purpose of law. Forensic medicine, toxicology, ballistics and explosive examination, fingerprints, examination of forged documents, voice analysis, DNA finger printing, Narco analysis, Brain mapping and cyber forensics are some of the fascinating disciplines and techniques of forensic science. Students in this program learn and discuss forensic science perspectives and apply scientific concepts uniquely related to the forensic sciences—such as crime-scene reconstruction, the legal integrity of scientific evidence, courtroom testimony, and individualization of physical evidence. Currently the department offers 3 years (6 semesters) undergraduate program with maximum 40 students intake in every session.
Another motive behind presenting this course is to inspire the students to explore the truth through science and shape the future of forensic science by applying the new, upgraded scientific knowledge and innovations. Present curriculum is based on theoretical concepts and real world examples, promote critical thinking skills, maintain the ethical and professional standards of the profession of forensic science, prepare students for future employment in government and private sectors such as forensic science laboratories, detective agencies or criminal investigation departments, financial and legal sectors, consultancy, self-employment etc.


Geography department is a new feather in IEHE, established in 2013. It provides UG honours course in Geography. Geography was introduced in the institutes academic programmes due to its popularity among student and compatibility for different competitive exams. Since beginning department was very much concerned about the syllabus of the subject that is should meet the global trends and modern requirements. Hence paper like Remote sensing GIS, Population Geography , Tourism Geography was introduced along with traditional papers. Remote sensing & GIS was included in the syllabus because in modern world Geographical knowledge is acquired by these modern techniques. It has an intensive application in different field like land use resource management, weather forecast, forestry etc. Population Geography is include to help students to understand the demographic pattern and other aspects of population. This will open a new field for students. Tourism Geography was started as tourism is becoming one of the biggest industry of the world so is the role and importance of tourism Geography. Tourism is essentially a Geographical phenomenon. Connection of Geography and travel can be traced to ancient times. Tourism Geography helps to understand the relationship between landscape & people, its economic & social dynamics. To create subjectivity and innovation approach in subject Department always experiments with new methods and techniques in teaching. In each semester department organise short visits and many activity to make students knowledgeable, organiser and good performer. Every year meeting with, Board of studies members is organised to keep the subject updated with modern requirement. Feedback from students and faculty are discussed and their views and ideas are included in the syllabus. We try our best to groom the student for upcoming competitive world. To enhance their creativity and personality many activities are organised like competition in map making and identification of places, Quiz, Poster, Competition exams are discussed in classroom. We also organise open house discussion recent beginning topics like climate change, Monsoon, prime ministers visits and visited countries etc. The Ultimate aim of the department is to make student well equipped with knowledge and practically fit to face the challenging world ahead.


हिंदी विभाग भाषा कौशल के साथ साथ भाषा की सृजन शीलता के ज्ञान के साथ ही रचनात्मक साहित्य के एक ऐसे क्रम में सुनियोजित है जिससे पाठ्यक्रम में नीरस ज्ञान की ऊब से बचा जा सके और शिक्षार्थियो में बुद्धि और चेतना अनुभव तथा कल्पना का ऐसा रसायन साकार हो जाय जो उसके व्यक्तित्व की एकमुखता अतिवादिता और सीमा परकता में न्यूनतम करते हुए उसमे समरसता और सामंजस्य की खोज के योग्य बन सके |


The History Department was formed in 1995 with the establishment of the institute with an aim of excellence. It provides undergraduate honours course, and post graduate course in modern history since 2014. Since its commencement, the department has always focused on new and progressive methods of studying, by organising educational field trips to UNESCO world heritage site, Bheembhetika, and other archaeological sites, also by inviting guest lecturers enriching students with latest research in History. Apart from this, the major limelite of History department is “The Heritage Walk” of Bhopal, organised for the students to be well aware about the culture and heritage of the capital. The department emphasizes on the study events of the past, which gives the students an understanding of how the world came to be, not only in our world but around the world including people of all cultures as well as nature. By learning about the causes and effects of events in history, people can learn better ways to deal with conflict among nations and individuals. Although human behavior is unpredictable at times, a better understanding through the study of history can provide valuable insight for our future generations.


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cell was formed in the institute in 2014 keeping the growing ICT needs in focus. Most of the functions related to governance, administration and day-to-day functioning of the institute are being shifted towards implementation of ICT and hence, the ICT cell came into existence. Right from its inception the ICT cell has been providing invaluable support in online admission, enrolment, continuous assessment of the students, development and maintenance of institutional website, self assessment of income tax and many more activities leading towards e-governance. There is a skilled programmer in the cell to provide solutions for various needs of the institute. A hardware and network support personnel is also there in the cell. Cell provides technical support to the office and all the departments of the institute. Cell performs various financial as well as administrative functions with the suggestions given by the duly formed ICT committee.


The IEHE library is a knowledge centre with rich collection of books mainly in social science, humanities and science subjects. It is a double storey building and has a carpet area of about 2276 sq.ft . It is situated in the midst of the institute. New library has been functioning from July 2006. An internet zone has been recently established to provide students on line access to learning resources. There are three well equipped study sections which can accommodate 125 readers at a time. The library has been divided into eight sections. 1)Reference section 2)Circulation Section 3)Reading Section 4)Processing Section 5)Maintenance Section 6)News Papers Section 7)Internet Zone 8)Old Books Section


Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1995. Presently, Department of Mathematics is running UG & PG courses in Mathematics & M.Phil. in Mathematics. Major thrust areas of research activities are being carried out on Fixed Point Theory Fourier Analysis and Generalized Hypergeometric Function. At present department having 08 regular faculty and 05 temporary faculty.


The department of Physics was established right from the inception of IEHE, Bhopal. Since then the department has been marching prestigiously on the path of success and glory. The department of Electronics was subsequently established in 2005 on the demand of the students and parents. Both the departments are working as single unit at present. Postgraduate course in Physics was started in 2014. The placements of the students have been excellent in past few years. Prestigious companies like IBM, SAP, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, TCS, and Accenture have selected the students of this department at various positions. The department has initiated memoranda of understanding with the institutes of National repute for academic and research collaborations.


The department of political science and public administration was established in 1995 at IEHE. The department seeks to advance the science of politics and public administration through teaching and research. The B.A. (honours) course is design to equip the students with the foundation of the subject while opening for them channels to pursue higher studies as well as opt for competitive exams or other career. The course is also designed to keep in tune with the civil services syllabus of the competitive exams. The department has introduced M.A. in public administration in 2000 and M.A. in political science in 2014. The P.G course in M.A. in public administration is first of its kind in the capital and is addressed largely to those interested in public administration, management and development areas. The M.A. programme of political science besides offering advanced knowledge in core areas of subject focuses on specific areas of study like foreign policy and paper with special emphasis on analytical aspects of discipline. After declaration as research centre in 2005, the department provided vibrant PhD programme. Throughout the year, besides regular teaching. The department hosts seminars, panel discussions, workshops, extension lectures and study tour for its students. It has a vibrant student association and an excellent departmental library. All these exclusive features of department are attracting the students with higher percentage to get admitted. The regular faculties are dedicated and well qualified from the premier universities and are registered research guiders as well. The department progressed gradually and various new courses and research programmes were initiated, enabling the department to carve a distinct niche and explore new frontiers in the academic world. This is proved by the award of director’s medal to students of political science in the year 2008-09, 2012-13 and 2015-16 and looking forward for more such appreciation.


Department started with handful strength of about 10 students only & bloomed into pillar strength of 150 students. Students higher studies in psychology from internationally & nationally renowned universities. or interest areas of students are clinical psychology, counseling psychology & organizational psychology. Students have succeeded in many competitive examinations like Indian Army, Indian Police Services, Corporative sectors, teaching, counseling & research. Students secure prestigious ranks in examinations. Teaching faculties of the department are also committed to their work & well-being of the students. They are focused to panoramic development of the students; academics & behavioral development as well as career development. The faculties are oriented towards research activities & motivating students also.


The department of Socilology was formed in the year 1995. Sociology being one of the most popular subjects was always in demand with students. The faculty started with only one teacher and 10 students is now with three faculty members and 60 students. UG & PG students are taught with modern methods and are taken for educational tours to places like Pachmari, Churna etc. this gives the students a on the spot view of the real conditions of the tribals and the problem of displacement the thrust of the department is on the overall development of the students.


The Institute for Excellence in Higher Education ,Bhopal established by M P Govt. of higher education in 1995, The department of physical education &sports also started with its origin. The Govt. of M.P. after consider in the need of students and looking for their all round development had provide a post of sports officer in 2002.The department of physical education has been functioning as the prime nucleus for the organization of physical education &sports activities in various sports disciplines at Institute, university and national level. The department has established itself as a growing leading center in sports in the region and presently cater sports need of youth of Bhopal by organizing scientific training and coaching programme.